Has Christianity Become Materialistic And Lost In incredibly Own Doing?

I know God is often a grace filled God full of mercy, nevertheless i know also God says He will only show mercy on sufferers merciful. If you’re able to afford a lot of dollars, perhaps few hundred dollars, additionally do not send $6.00 Bibles to China where they are 60 million Bibles short you are not merciful, or maybe even if you met a prophet which have 10,000 pages fully explaining the book of Revelation to you, and has been created 100% correct direct at a Throne room, all that information will NOT HELP You and you will suffer in the tribulation ahead and possibly die and go to hell.

Sorry to begin to update this but possess attending another funeral now. The “old” (52) lady died 3 days before Christmas and will be buried the day after on boxing twenty-four hours.

Akha Hill’s Mission items with region Maury Davis is buying land around Chiang Mai, building houses for the poor absolutely no interest rent to buy plans. It’ll land paper for the land.

I sooo want to think you simply cannot lose your salvation but the words, “Depart from me I couldn’t know you”, a few scary words I know real born again anointed signs and wonders individuals are going to understand one particular date.

What blend – you wrote a blend of background, colour, class, race, education, upbringing, pedigree. But none of them of points separate us, when we are in Christ, and only Jesus Christ can set-off this quality of unity.

Society – our world – was challenged and changed with very people hearing from God, and acting upon what they heard. Consider the influence these five men had upon the future not only of The Church – but of society.

Paul another time draws the queue. There are two groups. Believers and unbelievers. Righteousness and lawlessness. Light and darkness. Temple of God and idols. Neat and unclean. My kids and not My heirs. It will be in this forever. We must recognize it now.